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This thread went all over the place as they usually do. But all and all it was entertaining and at times interesting.

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Though it seemed like a turbulent flight, it seems we landed without the wings falling off.

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I thought it was more like 100mph +/-...… :devil
You kids are all alike.

quiet, you want the BH to find out what I really do on those trips :ride:

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There is a very large group of Christians (approx 250+ million) who have never had a problem with modern science at all but your not likely to run into them in the US. They aren't well known in the US. These are members of the Eastern Orthodox Churchs. To them modern science isn't a stumbling block.

They break down like this:

Autocephalous churches – 249 million

Russian Orthodox Church – 150 million
Romanian Orthodox Church – 23 million
Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate – 19.5 million[197]
Church of Greece – 15 million
Serbian Orthodox Church – 11.5 million
Bulgarian Orthodox Church – 10 million
Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church – 5.5 million
Georgian Orthodox Church – 3.5 million
Greek Orthodox Church of Constantinople – 3.5 million
Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch – 2.5 million
Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria – 1.5 million
Orthodox Church in America – 0.08 million
Polish Orthodox Church – 1 million
Albanian Orthodox Church – 0.8 million
Church of Cyprus – 0.7 million
Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem – 0.14 million
Czech and Slovak Orthodox Church – 0.07 million

Autonomous churches – 13 million

Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) – 7.2 million[197]
Moldovan Orthodox Church – 3.2 million
Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia – 1.25 million
Metropolitan Church of Bessarabia – 0.62 million
Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric – 0.34 million[citation needed]
Estonian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) – 0.3 million
Finnish Orthodox Church – 0.08 million
Chinese Orthodox Church – 0.03 million
Japanese Orthodox Church – 0.02 million
Latvian Orthodox Church – 0.02 million

If anyone is interested in how they accomplish this you can read about it here:
Project HOP

The PDF has a table of contents which will allow you to find the topics that interest you so you don't have to read through the entire document. Religion and science is on pg 15, Creation/Evolution starts on pg 61

161 - 165 of 165 Posts