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Hello all . . .

I installed one of those EZ Pull Clutch devices on my wife's Vegas. She was having a hard time with the stock set up, she's a petite lady with small hands and this thing helps her out quite a bit. Frankly I was shocked at how big a difference it made.

My only issue is after I installed it, the cable was coming out of the housing at a very slight angle from straight out. It might be OK, but I'd rather tweak that bracket just a bit so that the cable comes straight out of the housing without rubbing anywhere.

She rides alone sometimes and I don't want her having any issues with the clutch cable when I'm not there . . . not that I'd be able to fix it on the road, but at least I'd be there to help.

Of course the instructions say to just "bend" the bracket a bit so that the cable comes out straight. That bracket is a little too beefy for me to just reach in there and bend, even with a tool to assist. It looks like I would need to remove the battery and the battery box in order to gain good access to the two small bolts that hold the bracket to the engine. I figure once I get it out, I can put it in a vise and get a bit more leverage on it to tweak it just a bit.

Anyone had this experience and willing to share their wisdom?

Thanks in advance!

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