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Clutch situation

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Working on a friend's jackpot 106,, having trouble getting the shift pattern correct after replacing the clutch basket. Is there a certain position the shift star should be in when replacing ratchet shifter?
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You can't get to anything but 1st and neutral unless it is running.
There is a feature on many of the 106 c.i. bikes called something like "neutral assist". This is a feature that prevents a bike that is in first gear from being shifted into second gear when the bike is stationary. Lifting up on the shift lever will only go into neutral. Thus, this feature helps you to locate neutral from first gear when stopped at, for example, a traffic light. Once the bike is moving just a couple mph, then lifting up firmly on the shift lever will go into 2nd gear while lifting up gently (sort of like half a step) will go into neutral.
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