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installed a couple of HMD items on my XR today and last Thursday.
first of all I installed the skid plate today. I was surprised how heavy duty this thing is. be aware of a couple of issues I had. the first problem was the holes did not quite line up. imho the holes need to be .060 larger to compensate for this and it will eliminate any issues. the other problem I had is after getting it partially mounted (and did I say it was heavy) I had to take it back off to bend the rear bracket back just a tad so it would mount correctly. actually I had to mount and remove 4 times to make minor adjustments and drill out the holes so I could mount it up. it is so heavy that after a while your arm cramps from trying to hold it and get the bolts started with your other
the other project was installing the s/s screens that go in the chin spoiler. your have to remove the vertical bars and supports with a dremel and then sand smooth. you then insert the screens and adjust to get them even, etc. the problem here is once you take out the bars and supports the the bracket becomes VERY fragile. the material (plastic) the spoiler piece is made of is very brittle. i must have tweaked mine without realizing and it 2 places. while trying to adjust and epoxy it broke again...twice. at this point I smashed it against my workbench (stress relief) and threw it in the garbage. now have to order a new chin insert and wait a week for it.
not saying this to bash a supplier but want everyone to be aware. i do like the skid plate just so I have a flat spot to jack up the bike. not sure i can recommend the chin inserts. like the look but the victory part is so cheap you need to be very careful. the HMD part is fine!

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