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Today Sears has these torque wrenches half off.

3/8" drive 25-250 inch pound click wrench

1/2" drive 20-150 foot pound click wrench

So the one day sale means two of these is around 80 bucks shipped to the door.

I have these in my box in the shed. They have never failed me but the only time I take them to a jobsite is when I have to calibrate my site gear per contract and since I'm checking Protos and Starretts, I bring in my home measuring gear too. I recall adjusting the inch pound Craftsman because the breakaway exceeded 2 IP but it has never been outside of 5 which is common, a miracle even, with a beam torque wrench. Use what you want. I don't let beams on the job. Sure don't trust my bike to them.

A couple of pointers. A click wrench has a ratcheting head. That isn't an invitation to use it as a tightening wrench. You can. You can also use your bike to pull stumps. It's the wrong machine for the task and you will do it no good at all it but you can.

The hashmarks on these wrenches are well inlaid, but close together and I'm a foureyes who is not going to get better at close work. I slid the tightest o-rings I could onto the handle and under light match the value I want. Not necessary for eagle eyes but a help to me.

I unload my torque wrenches after each use, wipe them down and store them flat in their case.

No reason a torque wrench won't go the whole road unless you use it for something it ain't.
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