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DAINESE "Airstream Course" Helmet

Sale Price: $299.99
List Price: $399.99

Airstream Course is equipped with a particularly efficient ventilation system called the Free Flow Ventilation System that permits remarkable reductions in internal temperature and humidity levels. The system is composed of:

-FRONT AIR INLETS: positioned on the mouth guard and equipped with shutter closing and wing profiles developed expressly to contain noise levels feed the ventilation system with elevated quantities of fresh air.
-LATERAL FLOW DUCTS: the air that comes from the front air inlets flows through ducts that carry it to the front by passing through the visor attachments.
-UPPER AIR FLOW DUCTS: from the front of the helmet, the air passes over the top of the head and exits the rear openings through special ducts.
-INTERNAL AIR LINER: the liner positioned between the polystyrene and the rider's head is equipped with a special reticulate structure that creates a cavity that permits a consistent ventilation flow

.-The system's efficiency was tested in both wind tunnels and extended road tests in which the temperature and humidity inside the helmet were constantly monitored.-The test results showed reductions in both the temperature and humidity inside the helmet compared with other ventilation
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