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Won a double pass to see Dan Baird and Home-made Sin tonight at the Triffid, a rock venue made in an old airplane hangar in Brisbane.
That's the good news!
Bad news is I didn't open the congratulatory email until 10pm tonight :frown
See when I entered the comp at 515pm I thought I'd be too late to win anything but gave it a go anyway....
Wishful thinking...... Well would've been ok if I hadn't got sidetracked and went off on another tangent and ended up at the Gold Coast rally....
On my way home I called into a late night pizza shop and while waiting for my pizza had an email check on my phone.....oh ****! Check the hours ride to's raining....may get there in time to catch the end of the show.....pizzas on its way and I'm hungry...
Fuggit.... Win some and lose some....
Just checked em out on YouTube.....
Sensational band......oh well, can't win em all....
Such is Life....
Rode home on my Victory a winner!

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Buy their CD and play it at concert lever whilst quaffing and chomping. The best of all worlds, eh?
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