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I just completed a transaction with a member of the forum by the name of Domjuan. A lot of times dealing a private sale from a public forum can be sketchy. I don't know Dom from Adam, but took a chance based on his ebay feedback and the implied credibility of this forum. I say implied because this forum claims none, and has never tried to express credibility. But as all things, the forum speaks for itself and has grown into a valuable source of information, friends, and products.

I know I hardly post, but that doesn't mean I'm not here. I'm always here, lurking, and will speak up when needed. This is one of those times. I am extremely happy to report Dom is a great person to do business with. It was a perfect transaction and Dom was great through the whole thing. I received my product faster than I expected and it was in perfect condition, just as he said. Two reasons I bring this up: one; Dom hardly posts, so "checking up" on him did not lend too much info. Two; with no recourse through this forum for a private sale gone bad (understandably so), Dom could have taken my cash and bolted. He didn't though. So now I have black fork tubes to black out my forks. The only issue I have now is what to do with the turn signals. So many choices!!!

So props to Domjuan. IMO if you ever consider purchasing anything from him from the classifieds, he's a good stand up cat.
Thanks Dom!!!thumb upcheers
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