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I would check this out for myself but I am in Iraq and I have actually never seen my Vegas yet so I can't tell. I am looking at some z bars to put on my 07 Vegas and they say they are undimpled and unknurled bars, is that going to work with my stock controls? And I did the math (probably wrong) and I think that I can use these bars with the stock cables. I have seen Ness T bars online with 8' of rise and 8' of pullback and they say they will work with stock controls. These Z bars I am looking at have 10' rise and 4' pullback but they are only 28.5" wide tip to tip when the stock controls are 34" tip to tip. So in theory (please tell me it I am wrong) these bars should work in my head at least. I am sorry I keep asking all these amateur questions but it's a little hard not having the bike in front of me to cook up ideas and pull the controls off and look for myself. But I have a garage full of boxes from Conquest Customs and ebay for when i get back. Thanks for your help.

Here is the website on the Z bars and the measurements.

Stock........... Z Bars
Diameter 1" ..............1"
Rise 6" ............. 10"
Width 34" ..............28.5
pullback 13" .............4"
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