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Recently I had the opportunity to do a direct comparison video of the D&D Boss slip on mufflers versus the RPW slip on mufflers and I thought the videos may be useful to future members of this forum who were thinking about doing an exhaust upgrade in the future.

Note that the D&D Boss mufflers is on a 2011 Vision and the RPW exhaust is on a 2011 XC but I'm pretty sure the internals of the slip on mufflers are exactly the same between the Vision and the Cross Country applications. Both of these bikes have the same 106 engine and both have Lloydz air filters, timing wheel, VM1 cams, and PCV. The one difference between the two bike (other than the mufflers) is that the Cross Country has the Lloydz Idle Air Valve and the Vision does not. So you will hear the XC sound like it is idling a little lower than the Vision because it is.

The first video is a comparison of the Vision, D&D Boss mufflers, with the original fiberglass wrapped baffles versus the Cross Country with RPW exhaust. Please ignore the squealing kids in the background :)

The second video is the exact same bikes but now the D&D Boss muffler baffles have been unwrapped. I took it from a little further away trying to get a more realistic tone from the exhaust.

It's hard to tell but the D&D mufflers did get a little louder with the unwrapped baffles. But it's wasn't a big increase in sound. They are still very quiet pipes even with the unwrapped baffles.

The main point that I want to get across is that exhaust sound clips are almost entirely dependent on position of the camera and the quality of the recording equipment. These were shot with a cell phone from behind the bike. While it does give a good comparison between the two different exhausts the reality of the situation is that they sound much louder on the video than they actually are in person. This is especially true on the D&D mufflers.

If you listen closely you will notice that when the RPW mufflers are rev'd the sound breaks up as the mufflers get louder. That's because the cell phone microphone is to sensitive. It is making the D&D exhaust seem louder than it actually is and it can't capture the full extent of the RPW exhaust and just breaks up when it gets louder. You will notice that when both bikes are rev'd at the same time the sound of the RPW mufflers completely overpowers the D&D Boss mufflers. This is a good indication of how much louder the RPW mufflers are than the D&D Boss mufflers.

The next video was shot standing next to the Vision with the D&D mufflers. To me, this video is the best indication of what the D&D Boss mufflers actually sound like and you will notice that it is a much different sound than from the video taken from behind the bike.

To my ear, the RPW mufflers are loud. They have a deeper, more throaty sound and definitely have more bark to them. But I can see them being too loud for a lot of touring bike riders and one downside is that they use the factory heat shields and look like the factory pipes. They don't add anything to the aesthetics of the bike. Also, when the bike backfires it is very loud with the RPW pipes.

The D&D Boss mufflers have a tighter, more performance orientated sound to them. They aren't nearly as loud as the RPW's but they look better and I would call them a better quality product (but they are more expensive as well). They are heavier, better built mufflers that really contribute to the looks of the bike. When this bike backfires it isn't nearly as noticeable with these pipes.

I'm not sure you can go wrong with either muffler. If you are wanting a loud, throaty exhaust then the D&D's probably aren't for you. And if you want mild increase in sound and a performance then the RPW's are probably too much for you. Hopefully these video's help someone in the future who is shopping for exhaust on their Vision or XC.
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