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I just completed this on my 2013 Vegas 8 Ball yesterday. I will post a vid on youtube of the sound and link it. While it is not amazing, it is better than stock and will hold me over until I get some Bassani's or Hacker's. Here's what I did;

Tools used-
- 1" to 1-1/4" Hole saw (make sure it's rated for metal!)
- 18 " drill attachment (make sure the saw is compatible, someone I know had to go back to the hardware store twice)

- Wire hanger or magnet that can reach in and grab things (baffle remains, hole saw, skittles)
- Fully charged drill

1- Attach hole saw (ensuring drill bit is secured) and start drilling down the center (relatively) of your exhaust from the rear.
2- Once the drill creates a hole, continue drilling in the same spot until your first baffle wall is cut through (about 1/8" to 1/4" thickness)
3- When you punch through, don't stop the drill from spinning, pull the drill out with the hopefully attached baffle wall.
4- Repeat step's for second baffle wall in pipe then move to second pipe for it's 2 baffle walls.
Note- The space between wall 1 and wall 2 is about 3-4 inches.

You will drill through four (4) baffle walls all together for the Vegas two (2) pipe system. It shouldn't take long if you have the correct tools and requires no removing parts from the bike.

I would also suggest unplugging both O2 sensors. There was a bit of backfire upon decel that was eliminated when I unplugged the sensors.

If you follow the O2 sensor from the pipes, along its single wire to where it is connected, it is easily detached. One is behind the engine, in the opening created beneath the tank and underneath the seat. It is accessed easily from the left side of the bike. The other O2 sensor is in the front of the bike on the bottom of the frame. Simply unplug and zip tie to the bike to ensure it doesn't get snagged.

Sorry for the wall of text, just thought it might help the noobs like me.

P.S. I remapped nothing, did not get a VFC or PCV or anything. I needed only the drill as a tool and my bike has not exploded yet. Like I said, this is a cheap way to get the pipes from stock to not horrible until you decide to finish the job later.

Front of bike, O2 sensor. I think the pic is upside down.

Second O2 sensor in the sack of the bike

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