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I recently installed an Arlen Ness airbox, pcv sumax leads and lloydz timing wheel. Just thought I'd throw my two cents in, share a "confirmed" POV, show off a little AND ask a couple of questions, all in one post.
So here we go;
I spoke to some of you guys regarding timing and my suspicions of 0 degrees being suitable for my bike. After playing with both retarded and advanced timing, I found 0 to be smoothest. This was confirmed by the tuner he said they are not required with the pcv(at least here in Australia). Replaced spark plugs and loaded the fuel Moto tune and the bike stuttered. I reverted back to the dynojet tune and although it improved, bike still stuttered and I'd have enough so I dropped it in for repair. Turns out I must have pushed a pin back in the injector and the connection was not great. So results are in and I'm curious to know thoughts of those with more experience with dyno sheets. Maybe the dyno could be a tad generous but overall I'm happy with the result.

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