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engine sound

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I just bought an 03 V92. I have never heard the sound of a Victory engine and was wondering if a whirring swishing sound coming from the the gear case and pistons is normal. The bike performs great and have had no problems.
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What you are hearing is a combination of a gear driven primary, and in Neutral with the clutch out; you will also hear gear slap caused by the engagement system Vic uses. Incredibly strong, but incredibly noisy.

I'm guessing it is normal
Thanks, also I have heard some engine clatter as I'm decelerating from speeds over 50mph that sounds like it is comming from under the handle bar fork area. Normal? As I have said the bike runs good other than noise. :cool:

Victory's all have a personality, and they talk to you*LOL*
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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