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This is for all you TC owners as well as the XCT bubbas.. hehe

Im about 9 months and 10k miles into my 04 TC and absolutely LOVE THIS MACHINE! Yes, your XCT looks nice, I love the looks and I won't ride it because I know I have no will power and will buy it. But lets remember it's roots! TC baby!!! hehehehe:D

Last Saturday I just finished a SS1000 with 3 Goldwing'ers from a group here in Chesapeake Va I hang out with. MY GOSH what a great ride! My TC gave them boys a run for their money never loosing pace AND keeping 150-160 miles easily between refueling points where THEY seems to be feeling the same from the SS as I was. Oh they had their trunks but I was able to pack everything I needed in my bags too. A JM2K CB and Garmin Nuvi kept me on track and in communication sometimes making navigation calls before the GW Nav system. The best part besides the ride??? Hearing my TC in THEIR mics when talking on the CB as I was sitting in position 3 of 4. Yes, my wrist did get a little twitchy when bike 4 behind me keyed up... lol... We rolled out at 0400 and arrived back home 19hrs later with 15 minute fueling stops and a 30 minute chow break on F. An awesome ride, machine performed FLAWLESSLY at 75ish all day long and the mustang seat/throttle boss/lock made the ride a breeze.

So, in close I do want to say I am PROUD to have completed my first Saddle Sore on a TC and am looking forward to many more. While many may say the XCT makes it almost cheating, I want let those TC owners or owners to be, the TC was a GREAT ride! Looking forward to more extreme riding on My TC!!!

Y'all be safe and I am posting they route if there is anyone from the Hampton Roads area that may want to try this. Take care thumb up

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