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I am a former Buell owner. Loved that bike but degenerative osteoarthritis in my tail bone made it impossible to ride more than 30 minutes without pain.
What attracted to me to Buell was the innovation and not just trying to copy what everyone else does.
It is that aspect that Victory shares with Erik Buell that makes Victory the natural choice for any Buell owner looking for a comfy two-up cruiser.
It looks the seat is plenty wide enough to customize and get pressure off my tail bone. (Broke the tip 3 or 4 years ago and it now points forward 70 degrees.)
I've read many reviews and all say its ride defies the large appearance. I like that it does not look like just another v-twin cruiser. And the Tour is one that my wife would definitely ride with me.
No I just have to decide if I want to sell my very nicely built 2010 4 door Wrangler Rubicon so I can buy one now or wait a little bit.


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