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As sportbikes continue to evolve, they are drifting away from versatile streetbikes and toward sharper-edged machines developed to excel on the racetrack. Some OEMs even claim to have built a racebike first, then made changes to transform them into streetbikes with the requisite EPA and DOT regulations.

This is most evident in the liter-sized sportbike category. Revving any of these inline-Fours to redline in first gear will bring a rider dangerously close to 100 mph – and there are still five gears to go! Although they are competent enough on the street, exploring their huge performance potential on public roads is a recipe for disaster.

That’s why is a strong proponent of trackdays. Not only can you ride way faster at a track than is possible on the street, the consequences of overcooking it are far more benign than the road environment of gravel, curbs and oncoming cars.

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