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Hi everyone. I've wanted a Vegas for years but never made the purchase until earlier this year.

I've had some issues with this thing and I'm hoping they don't continue.

I bought the bike with 6200 miles, an 08 Vegas. I've put about 1000 miles on it total but within the second week of owning it my clutch cable broke.

Yesterday when I was 15 miles from home I noticed that I really had to lean into the corners. I stopped to check it out and couldn't find anything wrong so i kept going, when I was about 5 miles from home I noticed a slight shake in the rear, at this point I figured I'd just finish my trip home, by the time I got home the bike wouldn't lean unless I was practically falling off the bike. When I get to the garage I got off the bike and book the tire was flat. Only on the bottom thankfully!

I'm hoping with a new tire I won't have many more issues because if this thing keeps trying to kill me and run me off it might just happen.

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Maybe*you are lucky that you had a flat tire ? Can you can see the 4 numbers printed on the tire ... First 2 numbers are the "week"*of production, second 2 numbers are the year ....*

Clutch cables do not break without a reason ... as a sample see a picture of a victory with a easy clutch "installed" the wrong way, and still*the "mechanic" said the cable is "good"*

Can i suggest to change the following

1, engine oil (maybe it is years old)
2, barnet clutch cable
3, brake fluid change (maybe it is years old)
4, tires manucator year (maybe it is years old)
5, fork oil (maybe it is years old)
6, brake pads (maybe it is years old) and small pieces can brake off, can i suggest #Lyndalls# coz they last much longer than stock or EBC

of course this can be done ONE BY ONE, so you do not "feel" the money pouring out of your pocket ....

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