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As the title says I have flickering radio display when I turn off the bike, just the the blue light on the display will flicker on and of real quick 3-10 times. At first I thought maybe my Garmin was the culprit by having a battery and maybe back feeding as its wired to the bike but it still flickers even with the garmin off the bike . I do have a few do dads that run off power to the bike but are all keyed to come on and off with the ignition . The only thing that stays on would be my Doran TPMS but that's tied into my 12 volt outlet and wouldn't think that would do anything as its been on the bike for 3 years with no issues.

I do have a Digital Guard dawg and have been curious if this could be going haywire being that its tied into the ignition and accessory . I also thought maybe the LED screen might be going bad but it works fine , it lights up and everything is displayed as it should be. Just for fun I did check the battery terminals and everything is tight as it can be. So before I start to tear it all apart chasing my tail I figured why not ask if someone has had the same issues and if so what was the solution to resolve it.

BTW its a 12 Cross Country tour with 63,000 on it. Factory Cb with intercom, Reverse , Xm radio. Aftermarket stuff includes a Garmin 595, Valentine One Radar Detector , Doran TPMS

Thanks for any help and feedback.
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