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You know who you are. If you are like me and could never have enough chrome then listen up.
I have just completed 3 different transactions with 3 different chrome exchange companies. With chrome exchange you send in your parts and they will send you a chrome match that they had chromed from a prior exchange. For the most part there is no waiting, you send your part in and as soon as they get it they send out the chromed product foe about 1/2 of what you will pay for Victory chrome. This includes and is not limited to peg supports, brake and shifter pedals, battery covers and other stock items. You can also get chromed calipers and polished rotors. I have had a great experience with all three of the listed companies:

Joe Gschweng
KewlMetal Inc.
PH 623-298-7181
[email protected]

Zack's V-Twin
Front caliper $162.00
Front pad retainer $24.00
Rear caliper $138.00
Rear caliper support $130.00
Chrome caliper bolts(4) $8.00 SET
Chrome caliper mounting bolts(2) $8.00 SET
When we receive your parts we send the chromed parts within one or two days.
Please call 845-229-1177 with a credit card number to reserve your parts before shipping.
We have parts in stock now but we run out quickly.
Thank you,
[email protected]

Custom Victory Chrome
Wes or Paul
[email protected]
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