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For sale is my new solace deluxe motorcycle camping never used. It came as an extra package when I got my bike
Reason for selling: I don’t camping and I need some space I my garage
Price is $4000
Features are

Setup time is less than five (5) minutes!
23 Cubic Feet of Cargo Space
12" Aluminum Wheels are STANDARD
Tent poles are pre-installed
Table is included for FREE
Queen-size Air Mattress is included for FREE
Wiring Harness
4-Pin Flat Connector
Cargo Bag is included for FREE
LED Taillights
Cooler Combo includes a Cooler & Cooler Rack
1 7/8" Swivel Ball Coupler included for FREE
Approximately 16 cubic feet of usable storage space when closed
72 Sq. ft. of dining and sleeping space
6'7" Head Room (at its highest point)
Air Conditioner Port
Independent Torsion Axle Design
Plant community Tent Tarpaulin Shade Plant

Plant Plant community Tree Wood Land lot

Automotive lighting Plant Vehicle Hood Automotive tire

Plant Vehicle Motor vehicle Tree Wheel

Tent is a gray/silver color VRX-14 fabric custom

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That thing sales brand new for $4,000 dollars so why would someone want to pay full price for it from you? It may have never been used but it is not considered new anymore.
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That trailer is getting pretty heavy and big to pull behind a motorcycle. Pulling it will cut your gas milage way down. I pulled one smaller than that. You either set it up for sleeping with about a queen size bed or as a setting area with a seat on each side. Smaller and light than the one shown. I pulled it with a Victory Touring Cruiser. The scooter pulled it fine and the trailer pulled good. But it pulled my gas milage down to 25 miles per gallon of gas. In windy conditions, down to 20 gpm. I carreied a 2 gallon gas can on top of the trailer and made lots of gas stops. Stopping distance was much longer and I had to stop and rearrange my load a number of times. Because it was wobbling, not enough tongue wait. The hitch I had was only rated for 25 pounds of tongue wait. If you got everything just right it pulled great. Now riding 2 up was a whole different story. When I got the XC I got rid of the trailer. The trailer was nice to sleep in and we had some good times in it. But after a couple of years I was done with it. I used it around 7 times.

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I know many that frequently camp out in trailers.
This one is knock off of the time out brand.

There are other much more popular trailers to pull behind bikes. These are okay though from what I've read online.
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