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On my introduction thread we discussed the issues with my new (to me) 03 V92CC.

The verdict is that the fork seals will need to be changed, same goes for the steering bearings. The steering stem bolt is destroyed and I bought one NOS on eBay for 49$ shipped. Pure luck, I have seen them for as high as 179$ (FOR A BOLT!).

I also needed a good set of extractors, so I picked this one up on Amazon:Neiko 04204A Hex Head Multi-Spline Screw and Bolt Extractor Set. Looks like I bought the last one so if anyone wants a suggestion for bolt extractors, here is another one that looks pretty good too: IRWIN HANSON Hex Head Multi-Spline Screw Extractor Set, 25 Piece

Now I need to get a set of bearings and a set of fork seals. I saw these on Amazon. Can someone help me figure out if this works for my bike?

Steering bearings:
Pyramid Parts Steering Head Bearings & Seals for: Victory Classic Cruiser 2003
Outlaw Racing OR221032 Steering Bearing and Seals bearings Kit

Fork seals:
Outlaw Racing OR56149 Fork Oil Seal & Dust Seal Kit

Fork oil:
Maxima (59901-7) 125/150 Grade 7WT Zero Drag Formula Racing Fork Fluid - 1 Liter

While I am there I wanted to check the front wheel bearings. Not sure those need replacing as much as the steering bearings, or just repacking, or if I should just leave them alone. Thoughts?

Brake pads are thin all around so I am probably doing that as well.

Changing the oil should be a straight process. I just need to find the filter. For Florida weather, any suggestions on the oil to use or should I go with factory specs? She has about 45000 miles on the odo.

I'm changing the front tire too. The one in there now is a rear tire, mounted without reversing the direction, and its is very worn out and dry. Any customization worth doing here? I usually stick to stock on front tires.

Any other things you guys think I should look at while I'm there? I'll have the entire front end pulled apart so I'm sure there are other things I should check on this old gal.


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If you get in a fix about fork parts, as far as I know no motorcycle manufacturer makes their own forks units with the exception of the HD making it's springier. They do manufacture their own for trees but the shock/spring/tube/ sliders they purchase. Mostly forks on American bikes come from showa but their are others.

Racetech is CA has parts for about every fork made or knows where to get them..

They are a good resource for parts as well as knowledge. They have a couple of techs that man the tech line phones and they are pretty good.
Once they identify what your fork actually is they will be able to sell you the original OEM parts that came in it if you wish.
I found that with HD's at least most times it was cheaper to buy the parts from them even with shipping than to buy them at the dealer. Also they will have all the little things like the Oring in the top cap, sealing bolts that hold the damper in etc.

When you want to upgrade your fork they also have cartridge emulators and springs but that might be down the road for you after you decide if you really like the bike or not. If your missing anything you might want to give them a call.

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