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I searched the forum and called my local Vic dealer with this one - so if any folks can guide me, that would be great;
My 03 Vegas is a great motorcycle, but I would like the front pegs to be closer...probably by 2 inches or so.
I noted on the Polaris site that the 2010 Vegas onwards boasts about the front pegs being 2 1/2 closer to the rider. My question is...if I order the foot peg brackets for a 2010, will they bolt on to my 03 as a direct replacement? I can do the swap myself but I don't want to waste money and time if they don't work.
I'm around 2 hours from my closest dealer, and I was going to visit him and measure the hole centers (on the brackets - where they bolt to the frame)...but the guy has sold all his 2010 and 2011 models! (good on him!).
If any one can give their 2 cents, much appreciated. Cheers.


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