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- Lloydz Torque Tubes
- Dobeck AFR+ auto-tuner
- Bassani Roadrage
- lowered 1.5"
- molded rear LED turn signals
- side-mount license plate
- Wolo Big Bad Max air horn
- new shifter ratchet
- all aftermarket electronics are soldered with heatshrink tubing... no butt connectors.
- Avon Cobra tires
- Mobil1 4T 10w40
- side bag
- The handlebar bushings have slack, but it doesn't affect my riding, so i never bothered to replace them.
- The fuel pump was recently refreshed by Rylan at the Vic Shop.
- the fork fluid was changed around like 30k miles.

i REALLY love this bike, but family comes first... I'll get another one later on when my kids don't need me alive. LOL

$6500. no crazy low-ball offers.
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