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I'm new to the site and not sure if I should be posting this stuff in my initial post, but I have some things I'm taking off my bike and would like to sell. All these parts were installed by the Victory mechanics right out of the crate and are off of a 2007 Victory Vegas 8-Ball. I have most of the parts off and would like to get a feel if anyone is interested.

SS Braided Cables/Lines
(everything you need to convert to braided cables (im going back to black cables)):
1x brake line
1x cluth cable
2x throttle cables
1x idle cable
(all these are for sell due to converting to the highball bars and needing to purchase all new longer cables and lines.

I have an aftermarket set of chrome drag bars and chrome risers that were also purchased and installed by Victory and are for sell as well.

Eventually, I'll have a set of Victory Performance chrome drag pipes for sell also (as soon as I get my custom exhaust made, they'll be fore sell).

Please let me know if anyone is interested, if so, I'll post some pictures of everything that is/will be for sell.

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