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ok, i cant figure this out, haven't got any reasonable suggestions on where to start from locals either.

i've had the pipes and power commander and S&S air cleaner for atleast a month but i want to say this noise started not long after install. i would guess the bike is alittle on the rich side with the pc3, playing it safe til dynotune

anyway, the exhaust has a random note change every couple seconds and only out of the lower pipe(the front cylinders pipe). it never does it cold only once its warm. it did it real bad when i got a full tank of gas(i think was bad), the bike ran like hell til i got a new tank full, now the bike runs fine but i still get this sound here and there. if i put my hand close to the pipe it will actually suck my hand in when it makes the sound. its like a "pop pop pop pwop pop" noise. i wasent sure about the bad gas so i did check the plugs, the plug boots were very hard to get off but the plugs didnt look bad, thinking i may have damaged the wires try to remove them so im about to order new accel wires and new plugs just to try out.

my first guess was a valve issue but i would assume this would be every revolution and not random and would pose a problem at high rpms where my noise seems to only be idle. if it was a lean pop, i would have guessed the rear cylinder would be more likely than the front since it is hotter.

any suggestion would be appreciated, hell it may be normal and im just being particular, it may be the pipes or the torque cones. i just want to know my bike is safe....
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