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I'm not sure if this fix works for newer bikes, but it worked great for mine.

The plastic guts on the gas cap on my bike had started to break, not the part that screws into the tank, but the upper part that is attached to the metal cap. I went to the auto parts store and got a car quest brand cap, part # 10825.

I popped the plastic cap off the screw part of the new one. Remove the screws from the bottom of the bike cap and take the plastic ring off and the screw part comes out. There's a black ratcheting ring between the screw part and the metal cap, as well as a spring. I kept the spring and ratcheting ring and put them back on with the new screw part from the new cap. Then just put the ring back on and reinstall the screws to hold it all together.

Took about 2 minutes. (Make sure to keep up with the screws, they're pretty small) sorry for the lack of pictures, didn't think to take any until I was done. If anyone needs pictures let me know and I'll take it apart and take pictures
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