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Even though it's already been filmed, Jian Ghomeshi's induction of actor Ryan Reynolds at this year's Canada's Walk of Fame ceremony won't be seen by viewers when ceremony is aired on Global.

In a joint statement from Shaw Media (which owns Global) and Canada's Walk of Fame, the decision has been made to excise the former Q host from the broadcast. "Canada's Walk of Fame is a non-profit organization and a national registered charity that celebrates Canadian excellence by honouring those who have excelled in their respective fields and who will engage and inspire the next generation with their amazing stories," says the statement. "After careful consideration, Jian Ghomeshi's presenter appearance in the 2014 Canada's Walk of Fame Show will not be featured."

The Ghomeshi-free Canada's Walk of Fame broadcast airs Friday, Dec. 19 on Global.

As a police investigation expands into allegations of sexual violence against multiple women, embattled ex-CBC host Jian Ghomeshi apparently sees criminal charges in his future and has decided to lawyer up, retaining the services of top Toronto criminal defence attorney Marie Henein. Henein has racked up a number of high-profile wins in the courtroom, and is perhaps best known for defending former Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant.

Although no charges have yet to be filed against Ghomeshi, the Toronto police sex crimes unit is currently investigating at least three different complaints against the former Moxy Früvous front man.

According to The Toronto Star, last week Henein actually took a joking shot at the man who was to become her client while speaking at a Criminal Lawyers Association gala. "As criminal lawyers we represent people who have committed heinous acts," she quipped. "Acts of violence. Acts of depravity. Acts of cruelty. Or as Jian Ghomeshi likes to call it, foreplay."

Meanwhile, another accuser has stepped forward to allege unwanted sexual aggression from Ghomeshi — only this time the victim is male.

Jim Hounslow, who now works for Winnipeg's Museum of Human Rights, was a student at York University back in the early 1990s when he claims Ghomeshi "grabbed my genitals and fondled them" while the two waited for an elevator.

Hounslow tells The Toronto Star that even back then, Ghomeshi had developed a reputation as "a sexual predator." Hounslow did not press charges.
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