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Been hinting at it ever since I bought it over 4 years ago.
Then when I started improving it I held off on pushing the issue.
Now its nicely settled in with the overbore and cams etc and nicely fine tuned on the dyno.

Well he rode over today on a twin cam HD he bought as a write off and repaired, nice looking bike a coupla years old, didnt get a pic.
He arrived a bit before his missus n kids in her '64 Stang.
So I said "take my Victory for a ride"...I warmed it up proper cos of the forged pistons, told him to take it steady for first 5 mins as well before flogging it.

Now Rodneys a good rider, better than Ill ever be, came second in the Finke Desert Race a few years back when the locals turned the road signs around.
Owned lots of hot bikes 1100 Katanas, 900 Duke, ridden lots of bikes, still very competitive in vintage motocross racing.
Just sold a Hyabusa Suzuki that he had also repaired from an insurance repairable write off.

One of the few people Id confidently get on the back of a bike with, 25 years ago when we were sandblasting panel by panel his '59 Chev we would ride into the local pub from my place out the valley for a counter lunch at the pub.
Those days he rode a rigid Panhead with suicide clutch and tankshift, Id sit on the back fender one foot on the primary the other on the frame rail and we ride into town.
Now theres no doubt the old Panhead felt safe and secure under me despite every bump in the road being transferred into my body namely my backside over bumps.
After sinking a few ales and a game or two of pool we would buy a dozen large bottles of beer.
12 x 26 ounces , known in Australia as "a carton of tallies"

Id sit on the back fender on the ride back nursing the carton of grog, there were times when Id be airborne over a bump holding the beer carton and land back on the bike.
Total trust, total confidence, and a little merry:smile
Ive seen that man ride when he was incapable of walking, seen him do amazing feats on a trials bike, the list goes on.

Suffice to say when it comes to motorcycles I respect his opinions and views and was keen to see what he thought of my Vegas.
He was gone for about 20 mins and in that time his lady and their kids arrived in her beautiful '64 Stang.
We were chatting in my kitchen as I chopped onions and garlic for spag bol I was making.
Rodney rode into the workshop got off my bike and said nothing.

A few minutes later I turned the conversation to my bike.."So what you think of the Victory?" I asked....

"Fuckin' hell" he says,.. "I can see why you ride it so much".." mate that things got twice the power of that Harley and handles too, the suspension is perfect" ..." Never ridden anything like it!"
" the mid-range power is just Awesome, yeah I can see now why you like it"
"that piece of **** Harley just gotta go, after riding your bike its a joke!:"

His missus questioned him more and the superlatives flowed, I don't remember all his exact words but hey I'll be very surprised if hes not at the damaged bike auctions sometime soon buying one for himself.
And when he takes his woman for a ride and she feels the secure comfort of riding on the back of a Victory then that'll seal the deal I'm certain.
He was raving about the feel the balance the way the bike fits, everything in the right place, an extension of the body and the mind...and the Power..the power of a cammed Victory!

Like he said you could get a Harley to go as hard as it but you';d need to do a hell of a lot of engine work and it still wouldn't feel as good.
I explained Id fitted aftermarket rear shock and the Kingpin front as well as the engine work adding that they do go very well stock too.
He asked what year mine was and started browsing the internet there and then.
Another Victory conversion!:devil

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Another great tale from my Down Under friend. So good, I had to read it to the missus. And she loved it too. All those wonderful mind pictures it made. Thanks mate!

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For this storry pictures were not necessary, absolootly visible as the reading went on, even chopping the unions ....

Nice read MbX ...

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