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greeting from So Cal
I traded my HD for 11XR
I have few question about the bike
It has 26miles
but shift is not much better than HD or even worst
It cluck in to all gears. Up shift of down shift N or does not matter I cluck everywhere.
sorry to say but not much power difference than my 09HD
is it not broken yet???
but what really bothers me is the shifting
any idea??
thxs in advance

from SoCal

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Howdy from SoCal and welcome to the forum.

1.) Clunk will always be there, but the shifting will get better as you break her in.
2.) Power will get better also as you break her in. Around 4,000-5,000 mile mark is when she'll be completely lose and ready to stretch. For a few extra horsepower and a few more foot-pounds of torque, follow this thread on how to remove the air box seal strip:
and this thread will walk you through disconnecting your O² sensors:
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