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Some time back I bought some "Grip Puppies" made for a Goldwing but they were too small for my hand grips at the time so I gave them to a friend with an Ultra. Flash forward to recently and he says they were a pain to put on but he really likes them.

Ok, so now I'm not exactly comfortable with the stock Victory grip size, I ordered up another set of the Grip Puppies and worked them on with soapy water and a long screw driver after cutting them to length. I cut them a little more than I should have. I guess when I got them on the stock grips they stretched taller and pulled in.

Anyway; took a ride today and they feel very good. They fit my hand now and extra cushion feels great. They last a long time as well.

Just thought I'd share another good product for those interested.

It's also a heck of a lot cheaper than getting all new grips.
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