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Hi guys, about to pull the trigger on a new set of grips and pegs. I had a post before that was about these grips and pegs.

I haven't heard of anyone who has them yet. If anyone does please let me know!

Someone else said I should buy them off Dennis Kirk instead as they are cheaper. I know I am supposed to get the HD ones with a cable and not the fly-by-wire ones. I was ready buy them from there but I got a reply back from Roland Sands which has me worried.

I was looking at buying their Contrast Cut grips and get the Dual Cable model

BUT Roland Sands said "We make Grips for Victory and they are sold through Victory Dealers like this:

I wrote back saying they are exactly like your RSD Contrast Cut ones and I prefer the end caps on your grips and they wrote back:
We make the Victory Grips and they ARE different to the Harley Style dual cable. The throttle stops and the position of where the cables attach are not the same.

I am now worried! Does that mean I can or can't buy HD ones of Dennis Kirk?

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The throttle stop has nothing to do with the grips. You hook the cables to the grip and adjust them.
If you look at the Ness grip part number for victory is the same for the Harley.
Rolland has no grip listing I found for victory.
Long as your so far away do this. Pull your grip and go to a Harley shop and compare then you will know for sure. It will not matter if its a new or used grip. Don't tell the Harley shop what your grip fits that way you will not get any bull ****.
You find out there the same ask what they would sell you the grips you want. You might save some money cause you will not pay shipping.
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