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I ordered a set of the SOB's on June 26th. Their web site said "In Stock". Well BS, after about three days I get an email saying the ship date would be July 23rd. So I called them, they said due to high demand they were back ordered. I asked why wasn't that stated on the web site, no answer.

Long story short, I called on July 23rd to check on my shipping number. Well I was told my pipes weren't ready and might ship the following week. So after going back and forth with the sales rep they said they had a set of Lake pipes ready to ship. So I had them ship the Lake pipes. I got the Lake pipes on July 28th.

I'm very happy with the Lake pipes, matter of fact the workmanship is outstanding! The pipes look and sound great on my bike. I have noticed an improvement in throttle response and power.

Moral of the story. Hacker Custom's needs to be honest upfront and let a customer know they are behind on orders. Not list an item as "in stock", when it's clearly not!

The build quality of their pipes is second to none! So I guess in the end I would recommend them if you're not in a hurry.

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