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Having owned streetbikes and sport bikes until I got my Vegas, I was put off by having my feet out in front. I found a pair of foot rest mounts from a 2010 Vegas Low...(on the forum)...they are set 2 inches back from my originals.
Wasn't sure if the would fit or work OK...but I jumped in and bought them.
Fitted the new mounts today...WOW! What a difference to the ride and low speed control. I can't believe how much more confidence they put out...well pleased.
The job was fairly straightforward. I had to shave some width off the rear brake pedal at the mounting boss. I also needed to take 1/4 inch off the plunger that connects to the master cylinder...otherwise OK. The original hoses work OK, but I had to slacken off the banjo to move the pressure pipe on the I'll bleed the brake next weekend.
Easy to do the job, and tansformed the only negative I ever had about my Vegas...thumb up


1 - 3 of 3 Posts