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Hard-Ball guys, who's swapped bars and risers to clean up the front end?

Considering 1" risers and Carlini Menace bars, at 16" or possibly 18".. Trick is to end up no shorter than stock and no loss in reach, preferably a gain in a touch closer, angle dependent of course. Will definitely take some measuring and careful geometry to avert a mistake. The stockers feel great with grip angle, pullback etc but I'd like a bit more height. Might surprise many to hear that, but we're only talking about a 14" height which isn't drastic. Because they're mitered, they're deceiving but are really a mini-ape. Plus I want to commit to cleaning up the wiring by going internal and improving the lines from forks to grips that's a bit discombobulated with the stock risers.

Discuss. :)

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