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The Diamond
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Looks like the Jackpot headlight and if it is the fairing will have to come off.

The XR has the JP headlight and the windshield would have to come off to change the bulb.

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Healight Bulb Replacement (Possible Solution)

I found this on another site. I am not sure of the accuracy but if it is correct, it may save some of us a bunch of time.
Ride Safe - Vision Quest

How to Replace the Headlights on a Victory Vision
X Matt ScheerMatthew Scheer began writing in professionally in 2005. His first work appeared in "The Daily Texan" and "The New York Tribune." He received two Bachelor of Arts honors degrees from the University of Texas, in history and English.
By Matt Scheer, eHow Contributor updated November 18, 2010

? .If the headlights on your Victory Vision cruiser motorcycle are burnt out, you can replace them yourself without having to take it into a mechanic. Unlike many motorcycles, no extraneous parts need to be removed, such as the fairing, and no special tools are required. The Victory Vision uses H4 headlight bulbs that can be purchased at most auto parts stores or through online vendors. Expect the entire replacement process to take less than 30 minutes.

Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Things You'll Need
Replacement headlight bulb
Latex gloves

Look for two screws on the right side of the instrument bezel. Remove these two screws with a screwdriver.

Pull off the right instrument bezel.

Press inward on the headlight wiring harness revealed when you removed the instrument bezel. Pull the headlight wiring harness off of the rear of the headlight assembly.

Put on a pair of latex gloves. Disengage the retaining clip holding the headlight bulb in place by pressing the clip inward. Pull the headlight out of the headlight assembly.

Insert the replacement headlight bulb into the headlight assembly. Secure it in place with the retaining clip. Plug in the headlight wiring harness. Replace the instrument bezel.

Repeat the above steps for the left headlight bulb.

Read more: How to Replace the Headlights on a Victory Vision |

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Love the Bike - Can't stand the Site!

Folks (Especially RadioTeacher) I am the NEW Victory Vision Tour owner who posted the e-how article on replacing the headlight bulbs.

If you go back and actually read what I wrote, I said I did not know if it was accurate but IF it helped someone, then that would be a good thing.

I have to tell anyone who has the patience to read this that I have truly enjoyed my Victory so far.

I also have to tell you that for the most part (Rollin', you are the ONLY ONE that I am NOT INCLUDING in this) the other Victory owners that have posted entries, questions, comments etc. seem to be the biggest bunch of arrogant jerks that I have ever known who ride bikes.

I paid the price to be a part of this forum (Wish I had those dollars back!) and I am more than likely going to delete this site from the computer. If there is one thing that will stop Victory and now Indian in its tracks faster than a speeding bullet it is the snots who ride them.

I like my Victory Vision, It is different, it is fun and I would I honestly would rather ride with ANY Harley rider, Honda, or any other rider than someone as rude as what I have consistantly seen on this site.

Trust me Radioteacher, you will not have to worry about me ever posting anything to try to help you save a dime or second of time!

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I have ready so many ways of replacing the headlight that all I can say do what works for you.
Going threw the gauge might just work but I didn't find it till I all ready rip my bike a part. Next time.
Just start un bolting and when you get there you'll know.
DO NOT buy the bright white lights. They only last a year and then out they go. I went to the local auto store and asked for the best with the longest life.
I hope they last ten years or more.


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