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Hey All,

Been reading a while now. Just registered, and thought I would introduce myself.

I got a bet with the wife, lose 100 lbs and get the bike of my choice.
I've lost 50 lbs, so for over 15 weeks. Slow, but steady...

Now, the beat has turned into at 75 lbs lost, wife will go thru the safety course, and decide if she wants to ride herself, climb on the back, or have nothing to do with them. Nothing to do, most unlikely, as she use to ride on the back of my bike in college.

But, her choice affects mine. If she rides herself, then I'll be look at more of the solo bikes, like vegas, hammer, or high-ball.
Dealer was fantasic to us last weekend! Let us test drive the 2-Up bikes. And, we both agreed, if it is 2-Up, then it is 2011 XC!!
Loved the low speed handling, in traffic!!

Victory Demo Tour Rides are this weekend!! So, now I get to decide which is the best solo bike for me! :D Somebody do an anti-rain dance, cause forecast is ugly for Friday... :(

The Diamond
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Welcome to the Victory Forums.

A few helpful pointers,

  • Please take the time to read the “Sticky” threads in the “Victory Forums Rules and New Members Introductions” forum. This will help you out a LOT with the Victory Forums.

  • The Search feature is your friend! You will find the answers to a lot of your questions by using it.

  • If you are asking questions that are of a technical/mechanical/electrical/performance nature, please place them in the “Victory Tech and Performance” forum. This will speed up a response. Placing them in the model specific forum can delay a response.
Please add the year and model of your bike to your signature, so we know how to help when you ask a question!

Now that I've done my usual copy and paste welcome lets get to it.

First, CONGRATULATIONS on the effort to loose 100lbs!

Second, WAY YO GO, on loosing 50lbs in 15 weeks. Sounds like you are on a bodybuilders pre contest diet!

I am sending you a lot of luck and hope you meet your goal very soon!!thumb upcheers
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