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Hey Guys, I joined the forum to gain some insight on mods and upgrades.

I've had my Hammer since August last year and I've enjoyed every bit of the 9600 miles I've put on it so far. The trip to Mount Rushmore last year helped to put most of those miles on. This year isn't looking too good for a long trip, gonna have to keep it local.

The Hammer is basically stock, minus the swept exhaust, stock airbox with K&N filter and the factory download the dealer performed. She runs so good & smooth I almost hate to make any changes, but I'm getting the upgrade itch.

LLoydz is about 3 hrs away and KCM in RI about 2 hrs away. I'm thinking about doing the Torque Tubes w/ IAC, VFC 3 and the timing adjuster. I would love to hear what your opinions are. Thanks.
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