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I'm obviously new and here is a brief intro:
I've got a 04 Screamin Eagle Electraglide (hense the superchicken name) that's highly modified and I like ALL kinds of bikes.
I'm 53 and I've been continously riding since 1970.
I'm always looking for more technology that usually can't be supplied from 1 forum.
I don't have firsthand experience with any Victories but I don't rule out future ownership.
I live in the St. Louis area and ride mostly on the Illinois side.
Thanks to the mods for the time they put in.

The Diamond
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Welcome. You should go down to your local Vic dealer and take a test ride. Victory dealers encourage them.

Victory's are great bikes, damn near bulletproof. On top of that there are larger engine kits that are just as bullet proof as stock!
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