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First things first: I don't own or ride a motorcycle.

When I was a lot younger, I messed around off-road for a while, and a couple of times I rode around Greek Islands on small rental machines (this was the 70's, and they never even asked for a license - good thing - I didn't have one. Not clever, I know, but hey, the 70's were a different planet).

However, when I was about 14-17, I used to get hand-me-down copies of Easyriders from my friends brother in law, who was a patched member of a local club. And I used to hang around the local Harley dealership every weekend, annoying the grown-ups.

When I left school, I had no chance of buying a Harley, and had no interest in riding anything else. Over time, even the thought of motorcycles completely left my mind.

Now, though, some 30 odd years later, I have a job, and I have some financial means, and lately the urge has returned. For the last few months I've been catching up with HD, finding out what the models are, hanging out on forums, buying Back Street Heros, etc.

I've been vaguely aware of Victory ever since, a few years back, I read that Sonny Barger prefers them over HD, but I always wanted a Harley, so I never really considered Victory at all.

About four hours ago, I'm sat at the lights in my car, and I hear a beautiful throbbing note pulling up. I look over, expecting to see a 103cu HD with V&H exhausts, but no. It's an absolutely stunning looking and sounding machine with a bright red "V" on the tank. "Wow", thinks I, "THAT'S a Victory?".

Even better, my wife, who's side he's pulled up on, is going to be my biggest challenge in putting this particular mid-life-crisis to rest, looks at the bike and is knocked out by it. She's saying how amazing and classy it looks, and is full of questions about, "Is it a Harley?", "No? Who are Victory?" etc.

The lights change, he pulls away, and it is by now, without a doubt the bike I've been looking for. I mean I love the HD models, but this thing was just absolutely it. And again, the better half is making comments like "That is amazing".

So we get home, and I visit the Victory web site, and find out it was a High Ball. And list price is £11,000!!!

Eleven grand? Absolutely seriously, I was expecting it to be almost twice that!

So, I'll be hanging out on here much more often. I won't be posting much. Being a non-rider, I'll just sit back, listen and learn, and hopefully, get my Direct Access sorted soon.
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