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Hello everyone.

I purchased a 2011 vegas 8-ball last summer. Even though this is my first post, I have used this site multiple times for information and it has been a great help. So thank you for that.

I now have a question that searching has not provided an answer for. I have just purchased the RPW Big Slash exhaust and the S&S intake. I will be installing them both this weekend. I purchased the intake with the calibration card and I was planning to have my local dealer do the remap. I contacted S&S to see which map they recommended for my particular application, only to find out that they do not recommend any of their maps for the pipes I bought. The only answer they gave was that I should purchase a power commander.

So, has anyone installed any of the RPW 2-1 pipes with any of the S&S remaps? Is there one that will work? Or did I waste the extra money to get the calibration card?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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