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I am looking into getting a full face helmet for long rides. does anyone have any opinions about there experiences with them, i am used to no helmet or a half helmet so i am wondering
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I like the Scorpion Series. Pretty nice helmets. I used mine EXO 700 for about 6 months then went with a half then to a bowl. I still have both if you are interested in buying it. It comes with a quick detach clear shield and smoked shield.
For cold weather riding or extremely long trips, I use an HJC CL-Max. It has a flip up visor along with the front 1/3rd being flip up aswell. That helps when you want to get in a quick drink or smoke at a quick rest stop with out having to remove the whole helmet.
really depends on you and how a manufactures helmet , model fits you, i suggest you try on as many as you can.


Thanks guys i ended up finding a nice helmet fit good and i went with a FS-15 from HJC it is pretty nice so we will see how it works when i get it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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