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Help: Anybody Modify Signals or Go With Aftermarket Turn Signals?

Hi-- Am looking for replacement turn signals for my KP as the rubber stalks on the originals are dry rotted. But is there a better work-around? Anyone try these options? What would you advise?

Option 1: I could see the possibility of cutting off the rubber, thus shortening the stalk and then modding the signal head to mount more or less directly onto the back fender or onto the mounting rings on the forks.

Option 2: There are a number of aftermarket choices on Ebay. Seems like it may be hard to find something to look good given the rectangular shape of the mounting clamp on the forks and the oval/triangle shape of the indented mounting area and also the curve of the back fender. But there are some that have a more rectangular or oval base. Like this:
Or this:

Thanks for any help! -- Rob
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