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I have a 2008 Vision. I have the white cable and bought the Cable Jive adapter. I have the new Iphone 4S.......

Anyhow it plays songs and scrolls through perfectly. I am getting a charging not supported on the Iphone.......... Am I SOL with this cable setup? By all I read I thought this would charge.......

I have posted this in a couple places to get a fast answer.


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Like I told you on that other form Ipod cable
Black 2008 to 2009
White 2010 to present

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Here is my confusion on what you say about the cable colors.......... According to this document on the net my white cable is the old 2008 cable:

Victory Vision iPod Interface Guide
by Radioteacher
General Information
Charging not supported problem for 2008 and 2009 Visions
*** Important!! The original iPod cable from Victory (the white iPod cable part number 2876116)
supports 12 volt Firewire charging only. Apple does not support 12 volt charging anymore on their current
products. Apple changed the specification in 2006 to different pins for 5 volt and or 3.3 volt charging only.
Because of this, the new for 2009, Generation 4 iPod Nano s, Generation 2 iTouch s, and the G3 iPhone
(or anything newer) will not charge on a 2008 or 2009 Vision using the Victory iPod cable part number
2876116. When you plug in one of these devices you will see the message Charging is not supported
with this accessory . Without a charging adapter that supplies either 5 volt or 3.3 volt power to the
proper pins, your iPod will work fine on the Vision but will not charge. The battery on the iPod will run out
of power and the music will stop playing.
Fix1: Some Vision-Riders, like me, have used the iPhone and iPod Charge Converter adapter with
success. The link to get one is listed below. Thanks sjavera for the post on for this
cheap fix!
If you will need an iPod cable for the 2008 and 2009 Victory Vision, here is the old part number. The iPod
cable for the Victory Vision iPod® Power Cord & Console Link Victory Vision $49.99 Victory
Item #: 2876116. This plus the Cablejive charge convertor is less money than the newer charging cable.
Fix2: The easier way to fix the same issue for the 2008 and 2009 Visions is the newer Black cable (part
number 2877894) that will charge any iPod/iPhone for $99.99. It has a box in the cable that coverts the
voltage and sends it to the correct pin to charge the iPod/iPhone.
You can also run the older iPod Nano s (Generation 3 or older) without a charge adapter on any Vision.
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