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hi everyone. i hope this post isn't too winded but i want to be accurate.
i just purchased a 2000 v92sc with 10,000km's.
my bike died on the road and i needed a tow to get home.
looks like the battery was dead. the charging system on the display was saying between 10 to 11.1 volts through out the ride. when it died volts were only showing 8.2
got someone to stop and give me a boost. even after a boost it died after getting about 5km's closer to home and then tried getting another boost but bike died quickly. so i had to get a tow at this point.
charged battery overnight, in morning when i turned on key it read 12.6v, after bike started it said 12.5 in charging mode.
now i went for a ride and throughout the ride over the course of an hour and a half it slowly droped from 12.5 to 12.0 by the time i got home.
looks to me like its just getting weaker.
i'm wondering if its the battery or the charging system.
after searching the board for "charging system" i found some interesting posts but am still a bit confused.
one post said the 2000's had a week charging system and it would normally only show 12v's, another post said it should say 13.5 v when charging.
other post said to check the stator/rectifier and one referred to "pads'.
i don't have a service manual(spend an hour looking but could only find an owners manual).
i checked the connections on the battery and made sure they were clean and tight. i also cleaned and tightened the connections to the black box next to the battery(is this the rectifier?).
dont know what else to check.
any advise. would love to try fix myself for $$$ reasons. i did already take the bike to the local victory dealer to fix another problem and that cost almost $400. not really happy this bike is seeming like a lemon so far, thinking i should have stuck with my Volusia:(.

anyways the original problem i took my bike in for may be related.
for fun i'll list what happened there.
bought bike without properly testing it but the price was right and i trusted the PO.
bike was dirty so i gave it a wash.
normal soap/sponge/garden hose/microfiber dry.
after the wash the bike would barely start. and was not driveable.
took it to dealership and they found the ecm was sitting in water. now i have never owned a bike that you couldn't wash without fracking it up so bad. dealership first said it might need a new ecm and would cost about $1200 and last one he ordered took 8 months to get it. my first thought was "8 months????" this is a victory dealershsip wih a big victory sign out front and they need 8 months to get a part.
next day i call and they say it they were able to reload the ecm from scratch and the bike was running fine now. he was worried the charging system seemed low but i couldn't afford any more repairs at the time.
road it first weekend fine.
2nd weekend resulted in the tow truck mentioned above.

anyways thank you in advance for help rendered and i hope things work because i'd really like to keep this bike. it scares the bejeebers out of me when i ride because the power but all i can think of when im not riding is when is the next ride. never had that feeling with previous bikes.

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First things first. It is a TWELVE YEAR OLD BIKE. It is not a lemon. It just has needs typical of a 12 year old toy. Old age, neglect, and pure dumb luck all intersect when buying a used machine of any kind. It's not the bikes fault that someone had previously pulled the ECM, and lost the weather pack rubber. A zip lock bag with a hole in it for the harness to go through; does wonders for letting you hose down the bike. Also ECM failures on the old girls are incredibly rare. So it is not a common replacement part laying around
First thing to do is to check the stator wires, and make sure they are plugged in. Next you need to test the regulator diodes, then the legs of the stator for ground, continuity, and AC output. You could also skip the trouble shooting, and bolt in a 38amp charging upgrade kit, but it cost around $350USD. It is a great upgrade, and you will never have a charging issue again
Regulator is on the front of the motor on the very bottom below the strter

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Stator is inside the primary cover.
Kevin is right, you could dick around with the original system for days, or you could upgrade to the 38 amp system and be done with it.
The 38 amp system comes with a new stator, flywheel, and regulator. All you need is a few hours and a primary gasket. Money well spent.

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I would suspect the battery first. Especially if it is the original! I suspect there are one or more dead cells. It would explain all the behavior you are seeing. You had it on the charger overnight and were only at 12.5 volts too. This was not the bikes charging system and the volts were still low.
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