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Hi Hammer Guys - The first Vic I ever road back in '05 was a Hammer and it was a great bike... always have liked the look of the bike style.

I ended up buying a new Cross Country in 2011 and have enjoyed it all over the place. Last year I crashed it and sadly was going to just part it out and be done with it. But my creative side got the better of me and I decided to rebuild instead. With a twist!

My old XR is going to be a "HAMMER XR"... a totally new vision of a cross bike.... (wow is that a play on vic words or what?);)

I need a few more Hammer parts to get the job done and thought you guys might be able to help. let me know if you got an old seat any condition I can buy from you, I need to customize it to fit the forged frame. I really only need the base if you have one.

I also need a taillight, preferably a 2009 or newer, I believe that will plug right into my XR harness. a 3-pin plug?

I will be putting up a build thread soon so show some of the things Im doing....

thanks for your help cheers
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