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I just tried my new Closeouts"inmeta:Models~Victory+2011+Cross+Country"

I had the Cee Baileys 9" shield and the factory lowers, buffeting is there, but tolerable. Then I added the Closeouts. At first it seemed like the factory lowers were diverting the air almost around the Closeouts :confused:, so I took off the lowers.

Rode today for maybe 80 miles on the freeway, averaging 75 or so. Nice weather, and a 3/4 helmet. Buffeting seemed much better (although for me, buffeting is a fickle beast, affected by Xwinds, headwinds, etc).

Anyway, for those who notice the buffeting, the Closeouts might be worth a try, MSRP is only $100. They likely won't work as well in the summer, might get too hot, but not sure at this point.
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