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Bought a skid plate form Noemtz, made by HMD. Noe has been great to work with!

Unfortunately no directions so I thought I'd post how I got in installed for others who may attempt.

This was on my bike, 2012 XC Tour

Put bike on a center stand.
Have 2x4’s, scrap wood, or an adjustable small portable lift
Have some boxes about the height of the floor boards (and maybe some bungees)
Remove left side floor board (carefully, not much slack in brake line) and either/or bungee to position or set on boxes to protect brake line banjos
Repeat Right (brake/shift) side same procedure or carefully lay on gound, shift link has more slack
Remove Left heat shield (one bolt on cross-over, release compression strap on back side)
Remove bolt (hex head) through” L” bracket rear floor board that also go through part of exhaust mount.
LOOSEN large bolt through floor board only enough to give “L” bracket enough slack to slip skid plate through
Remove Brass colored bolt on right/rear of chassis that lines up with rear of skid plate hole
Slide skid plate under bike and using wood or a lift and CAREFULL a-line front floor board holes, CAREFULLY place screws back in front of floor boards through skid plate and tighten only enough to hold front in place
Lift rear and align plate on left side to slip between exhaust mount and “L’ bracket and CAREFULLY put hex bolt back in leaving slack.
Finger tighten rear brass colored bolt as well.
CAREFULLY Align remaining floor board holes and install bolts.
Tighten all bolts back up after install to proper specifications, then go back and DO IT AGAIN!

I cannot stress enough NOT to force and bolts, and use crowbar, 2x4’s or anything else you need to assist in alignment of plate holes. Last couple of holes can be a bear and the bolts can easy become slightly damaged if screwed in with too much pressure against skid plate. You won’t bend the skid plate, too thick, so put as much pressure on it as you want. In my case at the finale stage I had to remove floor boards (rear bolts still attached), reinstall left floor board first (brake), re-align right side and screw bolts in FIRST before installing floor board to get threads properly aligned (tolerance is so tight!) then remove and install floor board.

Take your time, and stop and come back if getting frustrated and doesn’t go easy (I ended up stopping , having some refreshments, and starting fresh in the morning, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!)

Great product, fits like a glove and SOLID!!! No problem putting a bike stand under this plate.cheers
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