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Way back when...
at the time of the dreaded VV front fender recall...
Jon, of Witch Doctor's, took it upon himself to design 'n produce a 1-piece replacement fender:
One Piece Vision Fiberglass Front Fender by Witchdoctor's – Witchdoctors (

My questions are:
  • Has anyone here installed this product?
  • Where did ya have it painted?
  • Was the paint bought from WD's?
  • Is the one piece unit any better than the original (even with the recall hardware)?
Ya see, I've just done some major repair to my front fender (glued together in many parts while replacin' the rear portion). I'm tryin' to price the idea of replacin' the front fender piece with stock or go with the 1-piece from WD.

One of my problems is findin' a paint shop to do the work. I want a good job ('cuz I need a rear saddle-bag door done as well) but, at a reasonable price. As Indian owners can testify, a bad paint job goes a long way.

If there are alternatives please let me know... thanx.
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