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As some of you know (and most don't) I just picked up my first vic not to long ago.
2006 Victory Vegas
It had been laid down (semi-softly), damage is as follows
Front left turn signal lens broke (bulb still good :) )
scratches on the left side of the tank including the left badge
left riser tweaked, left grip scuffed and (believe it or not) the shifter return spring has either come off or broke. That last part is a guess (based on what is happening), but an educated one by me and more importantly... the service guy at the local dealer. None the less, the shifter works fine you just have to pay a bit of attention to it...
The Tank and fenders have been re painted, badges replaced and the handlebars straightened. The only thing I have left is the blinker lens (the whole blinker will probably be replaced with something less "plastic" looking) and the return spring and the grips (which I have).
OK, so old bike... 1987 Suzuki Intruder 700 (yeah, I know, but nice shape)
So, without a doubt, I now have a nicer bike. but HOW NICE?
Well, up until today I haven't had a day that wasn't icy or that I didn't get home reallyt late from work. But that changed today! Today, I got home 10 min till sunset and there is no ice! Water, but no ice!
Holy #$%@ing #@$%! I AM IN LOVE! I have ridden a few Harleys here and there My dad always had 'em, still does. In fact, my mom just got her first bike (1200 sporty). I've also ridden my Suzuki, some dirt bikes and an atv here and there. BUT THIS THING!!!!
I am just in love, no other words do it justice...
I am sooooo stoked right now :)
Any way, wish I would've gotten one earlier.
Any way. I uploaded some pics (hope it works)
The blue one is before, and the black is after


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congrats, lookin gud ... i believe i know how you feel, my first love other than my wife was triumph, can't explain my new 67 bonnie ..... the only other bike that i fell in love at first sight was a 2004 victory vegas at the 2003 m/c show my son has the 04 vegas, my best friend the 05 hammer and i just bought a 09 vegas, you have to park them side by side to see the diff. .... so easy to ride, its like with the motor off if someone were to give you a gentle push the bike would start rolling 20 mph and cornering is sweet.

enjoy your ride, heres to many

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