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improve front brake effectiveness?

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I am enjoying my new to me 07 Kingpin. The rear brake seems a lot more powerful than the front brake. When practicing quick stops the rear brake locks fairly easily and I would like a bit more stopping power from the front brake if possible.

I have inspected the front brake pads and they have plenty of wear left and there is no sign of fork oil or other contamination on the front brake disc.

Any inputs on if I might get more front braking power from these pads from Lyndall?

Or these from EBC:

Thanks in advance for constructive inputs.
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Does the front brake lever feel "spongy" as if there is air in the system or does it feel firm when you pull it?
Good question. I forgot to add that the front brake lever feels fine with no evidence of sponginess. I bled the brakes and put in new fluid.
If the parts you say are fine then put it down to it's a new bike to you. You'll get used to the proper amount of force to apply. With the rear you're using your foot/let muscles to yes it may seem like less effort but it's probably not. If your last bike had dual rotors up front then it will of course be more friction. Different pads will make a slight difference but practice will make more of one.
just my 0.2 cents i had EBC and they did not last long, Llyndalls last many times longer and seems just a little better stopping power then EBC
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